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*I am currently OPEN to taking on new editing projects for the spring/summer*


"Erika is a sensitive and thorough editor and I appreciate the feedback she gave me on my novel.  She was very respectful of the fictional world I created, and she helped me understand my characters better! Her comments were specific and useful. She also didn’t mind editing my improper comma usage, annoying as it must be. I will definitely contact Erika for future projects, large and small, and I’d recommend her to any writer hoping to improve their manuscript." -Will Clattenburg

“I reached out to Erika to help me with my sample for my MFA applications. As a self taught writer, I realized that I needed guidance from someone who can not only edit my work but guide me towards telling my story, and refining my voice, as best as I can. After Erika’s feedback, I was able to produce a well polished sample and her guidance was immensely appreciated. She was kind in her feedback where anyone else would have been harsh in their critique, and even though we come from different cultures, she made the effort to understand where I was coming from. She also accommodated me as I was on a tight deadline with my edits. I am immensely thankful to her for her feedback!”

-Haseeb  Sultan Abdul


I am passionate about helping writers expand their creativity and, through doing so, their understanding of themselves, their characters, and the world around them. I practice meeting writers where they are at and helping them accomplish any goals they have in mind and develop on their strengths. I'd be happy to guide you through your writing journey and help you discover what makes your work special. 

I have taken on freelance editing projects for YA novels, scripts, high-fantasy novels, Poetry MFA applications and more. I am an MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Alabama and work at the Writing Center at the university, helping students improve research papers, essays, and personal statements. I have experience teaching creative writing at Tuscaloosa Magnet Elementary, Writopia Lab, The Leadership Program, and Ithaca Young Writers Institute.

I edit A Velvet Giant, a genreless literary journal I co-founded. I also worked for three years as an editorial assistant at Cambridge University Press. My own writing has been published in over twenty publications.


I am happy to accommodate each individual's budget for their project, and we can come up with a rate and payment plan that works for you. 

Generally, my rate is $25 for 5 pages of copyediting (for both grammar and in-depth feedback on content, stylistic choices, etc.) Based on this, my rate is $250 for a 50 page project, $500 for a 100 page project, $750 for a 150 page project, and so on.

The minimum payment to book a session with me is $25.

To book a session, email me at

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